EZZY CARE hand sanitizer is the latest product produced by EZZY MALAYSIA. It is formulated with the same formula used in Primary Health Care which signifies the effectiveness of the product in combating viruses and germs. It is one of EZZY MALAYSIA initiative to the well-being of people around Malaysia during this COVID-19 pandemic. #StaySafe #StayHome

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) recommended the frequent usage of hand sanitizer in the situation where water and soap is scarce. It is because the hand is the most exposed part of a human body to viruses and germs. Personal hygiene is truly important to ensure the well-being of everyone during the current situation. According to CDC, usage of alcohol of atleast 60%-95% inside a hand sanitizer to kills viruses and germs with the appropriate method or technique.

The ingredient used in EZZY CARE hand sanitizer is proven to be able to kills 99.9% viruses and germs through lab test.

With the usage of 75% alcohol in the whole formula of EZZY CARE hand sanitizer, it is guaranteed to help kills viruses and germs significantly when used appropriately.

Besides, EZZY CARE hand sanitizer will not dry out your skin even with often use because the Aloe Vera ingredient function as moisturizer to ensure your skin to stay hydrate while free from viruses and germs.

EZZY CARE hand saniter is registered at MOH/KKM.

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